Tron Legacy

Having seen the original many moons ago I thought this would be worth a look. I had heard mix reviews about it but always loved Jeff Bridges, so what’s the verdict. Well I really enjoyed it, I mean it’s daft as hell but what I think really grabbed me is it’s a homage to the original, even though the film is of course set in the present day (well some of it). The music is so 80s, it made me homesick for the days of my youth and the visual effects are stunning! I can only imagine how great it was to watch this at the pictures!

images (1)Jeff Bridges was famously made to look young again in this (I think I read that his wife in fact asked him to take the role so she could get her young husband back J). The young Bridges wasn’t as realistic as I had imagined, as I seem to recall they had to animate Oliver Reed in Gladiator didn’t they? As he died during the making of it, and his was more realistic but when you get into the computer game it wasn’t so glaring.

A good fun movie for a dull Saturday afternoon. Great for all those who like sci-fi.

Tron Legacy [DVD]

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