Tomboy – Directed by Céline Sciamma

images (1)10 Year old Lauré and her family have moved to a new neighbourhood and it is the summer holiday. Lauré’s mother is heavily pregnant and Lauré spends a lot of time looking after and playing with her younger sister. However, she soon strikes up a friendship with the local children – a group of boys and Lisa. Lauré bonds in particuly with Lisa but it is all based on an untruth.

Lauré has led all her friends to think she is a boy called Mickaél and so the pretence begins.

It is a rather lovely movie which is well filmed, with some lovely shots of the surrounding woods. I loved the family dinamic within the film, the father is played with great empathy funnily enough more so than that shown by the mother.

The star of the movie, Lauré, is a wonderful little actress called Zoé Héran who plays the part convincingly well and her sister, Jeanne played by Malonn Lévana is adorable.

Certainly a story of the times we live in.

Really enjoyed the film and the sensitivity by which it told Lauré’s story.

Would highly recommend seeing the film.

Tomboy [DVD]

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