Tipping the Velvet : The Complete BBC Series

images‘Tipping the Velvet’ was such a shock to British television audiences and such a thrill to us lesbians who had been waiting all our lives for a mainstream depiction of lesbians! We couldn’t really have asked for more! With Andrew Davis at the helm, we got a stunning tour-de-force with a lesbian romantic drama, wonderful costumes, acting played by some of our best actresses. Nan Astley (Stirling) is a sweet oyster girl from Whitstable who works in her parent’s oyster parlor. One night she accompanies her family and boyfriend, who she is not very keen on to the vaudeville show. She immediately falls for the male impersonator – Kitty Butler (Hawes). She goes back to see the Tipping-Velvet_138show time and time again, soon she comes to Kitty’s attention. Nan is summoned backstage. Kitty asks her to become her dresser, she readily agrees. Just a small touch from Kitty sends her reeling. This brilliant BBC drama is both a frank depiction of lesbianism and a witty and moving account of a young woman who will win your heart while searching for her own. It’s one of those rare times when a book is presented very well on the small screen, the only other time I can think of such success was with the ‘Tales of the City’ dramatisations!

Tipping the Velvet : The Complete BBC Series [2002] [DVD]


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