Three Of Hearts

images (1)The stunning Sherilyn Fenn fresh from her success in ‘Twin Peaks’ plays Ellen. She has just separated from her partner Connie played by Kelly Lynch. Connie comes up with a crazy scheme to get Ellen back (and who can blame her). She hires a male escort Joey played by William Baldwin in her efforts to win her ex back. The plan is for Joey to seduce Ellen and then abandon her thus breaking her heart and hoping then that Ellen will realise her mistake and run back to Connie. I am a huge fan of Sherilyn in Twin Peaks and needless to say thrilled when this was released with her playing a lesbian, all be it a confused one. It’s a lovely film and the characters are very believable, it has some laughs. Well worth a watch if only for Sherilyn see her answers to our Proust¬†Questionnaire¬†here

Three of Hearts [DVD] (2003)

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