The Year Dolly Parton Was My Mum – Review

7c9266e191cb50220ff748753e5f051bEveryone loves Dolly Parton. Seriously I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t. This film is about the 11 year old Elizabeth who finds out she is adopted. She loves Dolly so much she decides she must be her Mum.

Gill Bellows who I recognised from Ally McBeal is Elizabeth’s adopted father trying to keep the peace between her and her mother, who is terrified of losing her when Elizabeth realises she was adopted. The mother is worried so much, that she tells a story of Elizabeth’s birth over and over again, hoping that Elizabeth will believe it. However, Elizabeth needs to find this out for herself and runs away from home on a journey to find her mum.

The film has a brilliant soundtrack. Great to hear Martha Wainwright on one of the tracks and of course Dolly herself.

The film captures the 70s to brilliant effect, even down to a great old chopper bike that Elizabeth ventures out on.

We really enjoyed this movie, great fun and a lovely message from Dolly at the end.

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