The Wedding Song – Karin Albou

WS-posterThis film is about the childhood friendship of  two teenage girls, one Muslim and the other Jewish – set in Tunis during 1942 and the German occupation. The Germans’ promise of freedom is dividing the Arabs and the Jews, their lives will never be the same again.

Nour is very much in love with Khaled but her father forbids the marriage of the two until Khaled has a job and money to support his daughter. So Khaled having picked up the propoganda that the Germans have distributed decides to side with the Germans and forbids Nour from seeing Myriam.

As the Jews start to be singled out, even the once safe and peaceful surroundings of the hamam becomes danagerous for them.

Having narrowly escaped the Germans Myriam’s mother Tita feels the only way to keep them safe is to try and marry her daughter off to a wealthy doctor. However, Myriam wants none of it, she is disgusted by the doctor and takes the blame for something Nour has done in order to stop the wedding going ahead.

The friendship is tested to the limit but the bond between the two girls is long and deep.

Although there are no specific lesbian encounters during the film it is very evident that the closeness that the two girls have, could be seen as sapphic and very tender.

The film has subtitles but I really enjoyed it. Very deep and thoughtful and well cast. The two girls who had the starring roles played their parts with empathy and understanding of a very difficult time and place with the undercurrent of two very different religions with very difficult cultures and values.
I definitely would recommend the film.

The Wedding Song [DVD] [2010]

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