The Trees in the Field J.E. Knowles

Yet another brilliant book from Knowles. This is only her second book; the first was ‘Arusha’ which I loved as well.

The ‘Trees in the Field’ is very different to ‘Arusha’ but just as good.

The book is based around two central characters – Raybelle McKeehan a cold hearted, career driven senator from Tennesse and Dr. Thomas Jefferson a younger but equally indifferent professional.

The two women meet because of one man – Raybelle’s brother, Thomas’s patient.

Raybelle agrees to uncover and make amends for her brother and other veterans’ situations and in doing so becomes more and more drawn to Thomas.

The corrupt politics make for interesting reading and is a completely different environment to ‘Arusha’.

Although this is a story about two gay ladies, what I love about Knowles’ books is that she doesn’t make their sexuality the be all and end all of the book. The books Knowles writes have depth and keep the audience interested every step of the journey and right up to the end.

Definitely worth reading, I can picture a time when I will pull it off the shelf and read it again just like I would ‘Arusha’.

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