The Time Traveler’s Wife

imagesHaving not read the book we had no idea what to expect but another great movie. It started with a car crash and a young boy who is involved in the crash is informed of its outcome by an older version of himself. We learn that the boy is in fact a time traveler who at times of anxiety simply disappears and reappears in another part of his life. The catch, one of many, is that when he reappears he is naked!  Which is actually well thought and lucky that Dr Who inventors didn’t come up with that notion or it might in fact have a later timeslot and lose lots of its lesbian audience. Anyway, back to the movie at hand we meet our hero as he meets the love of his life in the library where he works, he has no knowledge of her as this is his ‘real’ time but she has known him since she was a little girl. Bit of a worrying scenario this as he appeared naked to her from behind a bush!  The film then follows the path of their love and the two of them trying to make it work, which is not easy under the circumstances.

It’s a lovely film, well played by the leads Eric Bana, Rachel McAdams, both of whom I don’t believe I had seen before.  And having spoken of this film to a friend over the weekend I might have to check out the book as she said it really moved her!

The Time Traveler’s Wife [DVD] [2009]

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