The Reader

519F1Y+NcqL._SL500_AA300_Mind blowing film based around two main characters –Hanna and Michael Berg. The story starts with Hanna, the older lady embarking on a passionate love affair with the school boy, Michael in 1958 West Germany. Lust, sex and reading were the basis for their relationship.

With Hanna’s sudden disappearance Michael continues through school and college as a law student. And then their paths cross again but this time with Hanna on trial as an SS guard at Auschwitz concentration camp and responsible for the death of over 300 women.

Not knowing really what to expect from this film I was thoroughly enthralled at the moral dilemma that became apparent as the film progressed through the trial and beyond. The horror and shame of being a part of Hanna’s past but the deep seated compassion and love he held for this woman left Michael unable to live a fulfilling life.

Fantastic film, with a winning portrayal of Hanna by Kate Winslet and the youthful Michael played by David Kross. Also a great performance by Ralph Fiennes.

The Reader [DVD]

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