The Rainbow Cedar – Gerri Hill

imagesSo my second Gerri Hill book – really enjoyed this one as well, I get the feeling that she writes from experience. The description of Hawaii was wonderful, I imagine Gerri must have been lucky enough to go there.

This book I found didn’t have quite the impact of the ‘Pine Curtain’, it was more a conversational book but I enjoyed it all the same. The journey we took with the characters in this book was more of a thoughtful one as apposed to action narration. The focus was on what happens when you know your relationship is over but you just aren’t sure you want to throw away all those years…. I imagine lots of us stay in a relationship merely to postpone the heartache involved and the twist here is in the form of a sexy lady called Drew. As with the previous book Gerri builds up the sexual tension with each page you are crying out for some action but she leaves us hanging on but it was well worth the wait!

Gerri writes a wonderful love scene that’s for sure, I wonder why none of her books have been made into movies. I think it would be a smooth transition!

The Rainbow Cedar


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