The Passion Trilogy (Desirables)

140The Passion Trilogy (Desirables) Various * Runtime: 140 minutes2010We hadn’t intended to feature any porn on this site but as we were so kindly sent this to view, here it is.
Such A Crime: Features Skip who is an undercover eco-agent known for her raging libido which tends to threaten her cover. Then one day her boss assigns her to a case that leads her to a safe house full of love!
Goodbye Emma Jo: Alex is lost in mourning for her girlfriend who has passed away. After a visit to the grave her car breaks down and she is assisted by Haley, a local dyke motor mechanic. As you can imagine not only the car is fixed!
Desire: Home movies entwine with dreams in this erotic fantasy. The dreams and realities of three ladies are brought to life with the help of notes from a diary.

The Passion Trilogy (Desirables) [DVD]

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