The Owls and Hooters – Cheryl Dunye, Anna Margarita Albelo

images (1)Way back in the 90s when I was aware that I was gay, the world wasn’t quite as acceptable of such things as it is now. I remember watching some great movies made during that time that helped me so much with who I was and that it was ok to be gay. Two of which were ‘Go Fish’ and ‘The Watermelon Women’. I really liked both of these films and have watched them time and again.

Fast forward to yesterday which was infact my 39th birthday and I received a review copy of ‘The Owl and Hooters’. The reason I mentioned the first two films is that some of the orginal cast from them are featured in these two films. Guinevere Turner, Cheryl Dunye, V. S Brodie to name a few.

‘The Owl’ is a Film Noir and ‘The Hooters’ is a kind of making of but is in fact far more than that. You re-discover the actresses as they are now, pondering on how the work they did in the 90s has affected the way lesbians are perceived today. To be frank there is some bitterness there from some of them, a feeling that the struggle they went through is now forgotten and taken for granted.

The other aspect that the film / documentary discusses is all about the new ‘boxes’ / labels that we have to put oursleves in. There is a really interesting scene in the film where they discuss whether to make a character a trans character or not and the ever gorgeous and brilliant Guinievere Turner pipes up, ‘enough… no more boxes we are who we are kind of thing’ (not verbatim) and I thought hallelujah! At last a voice of sanity – you can’t expect to please everyone with every film you make!

The Owls and Hooters [DVD]

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