The Night Watch

imagesHaving read this book when it first came out in 2006 I was very keen to see what the television adaptation would be like.  Much was made of the style of the book upon its release. You first meet the characters in 1947 and then gradually slip back in time to find out what had brought them to this particular juncture in their lives.  It was a very clever trick, and I wondered how the bbc would tackle it.  They did it splendidly. It was a nod to that wonderful film ‘The Time Machine’ as we re-visted in double quick time, the past.  The first time slip took us back to 1943, where we met Kay (Anna Maxwell Martin), Helen (Claire Foy), Viv (Jodie Whittaker) and Julia (Anna Wilson-Jones) who were to be found right in the middle of London during the Blitz. The film captured the time perfectly and also the state of mind that prevailed. There seemed to be more of a sense of living life to the fullest as you didn’t know if you would get to see tomorrow.  Therefore all the hiden lesbian life style was less so, people felt more brave to be who they were. You then slip back to 1941 to the beginning of the war.   It was a brilliant adaption as it has been with all Sarah Waters books.  She is a genius writer and it is great to see that her work is treated with such respect!  Thoroughly enjoyed it and would watch it again.

The Night Watch (2011) ( NightWatch )

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