The Little Stranger – Sarah Waters

little-stranger-sarah-watersSarah Waters’ latest book is set a little closer to our present time than her last few; it is set in the countryside of Warwickshire. It is a spooky tale of a doctor who grapples with his failings in life and is reminded of his youth when he is called out to the big house to look at a patient. This perfectly innocent occurrence ends up altering the course of his life. He gets drawn into the world of the occupants and the strange goings on.

It is a cracking book and as ever Sarah is very descriptive, you get completely drawn into the book as always and find yourself emphasising with the characters!

I was bewildered as to whom to believe but all in all a great read. I look forward to the next one.

I got given it for my birthday and just couldn’t put it down, luckily the days were filled with sunshine, so I was able to read this spooky novel in the bright sunlight. I’m not sure how my dreams would have fared had I read it at night.

The Little Stranger


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