The Kids Are All Right – Lisa Cholodenko

imagesI had high expectations of this film and I am very pleased to say it lived up to them – if not exceeded them! The story I am sure you all know by now, two lesbians had kids using a sperm donor. The kids get to the age where they are keen to find out who their dad was and in walks this major alpha male, very cute sexy guy who puts their world into a tailspin. The children didn’t realise what a can of worms they were opening when they got in touch with him. It’s a lovely film, deeply thoughtful, you really get inside the core of the family workings. Annette Benning and Juilianna Moore are as ever wonderful. I was having trouble deciding which one I thought was sexiest, as Annette pulled off a great dyke! The film has lots of twists and turns including some great comedic moments.How wonderful to see a film that features a loving lesbian family at the heart of the story! Most refreshing and even if you are straight it’s just a great film!

The Kids Are All Right [DVD]

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