The Joneses

imagesGreat premise for a film – a gorgeous family move into a new neighbourhood in the States and all looks very normal but under the hood as it were there are funny goings on. The family are in fact  not a family at all and have been put together by a company who sets people up to sell products through subliminal advertising. What the Jones’ are seen wearing and doing and buying soon become the ‘in thing’ and the stats on the sales in the area show how well they have been doing.

Of course this happy easy going existence can’t last, the greed of the neighbours to keep up with them soon causes problems, the perfect son turns out to be gay.  It all falls apart when the realization of the effect they are having on the lives of those around them begins to dawn.

It’s a good movie, David Duchovny and Demi Moore are a great pairing and lets face it, this sort of thing could already be happening!  Keep an eye on those neighbours!

The Joneses [DVD]

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