The Guest House – Directed by Michael Baumgarten

images‘The Guest House’ is a great fun lesbian romp around LA. A fantasy film played out by two gorgeous ladies in the guise of Ruth Reynolds (who is to be a future celeb of the month for us) and Madeline Merritt.
You meet Rachel (Ruth) just as she is being dumped by her very dull boyfriend. You get the gist of her character straight away as she casually disposes of his mobile phone. Next is Amy, who is new to LA and been employed by Rachel’s father.  Rachel’s father has gone away on business or so he says and tells Rachel to look after Amy and help her to settle in.
The guest house is a gorgeous extension to Rachel’s house and this is the stage for the two girls to really get to know each other in some very sexy scenes. However, they don’t just hang out there, they get to go all over LA Mulholland Drive, The Beach, Rodeo Drive, all the time getting to know each other and falling more in love.
We really enjoyed the movie. It is great fun for a sexy Saturday nights viewing and the ladies are simply stunning!

The Guest House [DVD]

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