The Glass Factory – Ken Wishnia – Book Review

The Glass Factory

I really enjoyed this book. I had not heard of the Filomena Wishnia books

before but will definitely look out for them in the future. Filomena is an

ex cop with a grudge, a well deserved grudge against a chap that has to all

intense and purposes murdered her – you will have to read the book to

understand what I mean. Filomenia is a brilliantly conceived character, you

would certainly love to have her around. That dialogue in the book just

jumps off the page and is as sharp as a knife. The story is about some bad

news Filomena receives and is concerned about her very charismatic 3 year

old. They head off to Long Island to the home of the child’s Aunt, all is

not well out there and Filomena is soon embroiled in a scandal that involves

the very person she is after.

It’s a great read, I couldn’t put it down. I would highly recommend it. The

writing is very real and the characters are so believable, it makes you

believe that you could meet people like that in regular life.


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