The Fish Child -Lucia Puenzo

This is a very interesting dark and beautifully shot film. It is a Spanish film with subtitles.  The story is about two girls who are in the midst of a forbidden lesbian romance. Lala is a teenager from a very wealthy family in Argentina, Guayi her lover is the family maid. Guayi is being abused by Lala’s father, she witnesses her lover’s torment. Their dream is to run away and live together in Paraguay. Their plan to save money isn’t working so they resort to stealing paintings from Lala’s family to fund their escape. Events take a turn that separates them.  Whilst apart Lala goes to Guayi’s childhood home and thinks she sees the Fish Child whilst swimming in the lake. The actress that plays Lala resembles would you believe Princess Eugine. The shots of the lake at dusk are breathtaking. The film has many twists and turns and keeps you guessing until the end. We both really enjoyed this film and is a wonderful addition to our lesbian library.
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Fish Child [DVD] [2011] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]

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