The Blind Side

images (1)We get to know a young boy who is basically homeless, lost, his mother is a drug addict from a very poor part of town but who allowed to go to a good school due to his proficiency at American football.

Following a chance encounter with one of the mothers of a couple of the students he is taken into their home and becomes a part of their family. With this new affluence he is able to get on better in both his education and his football.

Sandra Bullock plays the mother who takes the boy in and gives him a great start in life.

This story is in fact based on a true story and written about in the book by Michael Lewis – “The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game.”

It’s great to think that this really happened!  As they say some of the most far fetched stories come from truth! Good film too.

The Blind Side [DVD] [2010]


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