Sea Purple – Director: Donatella Maiorca

COVERThis is a beautiful poignant film. And all the more so in that it is actually based on true events!

The story is of Angela and Sara. Angela is a rebellious girl, whose father wanted a son and never forgave her mother for the error she made! The father is a bully of the first degree, not only to his family but to all those around him. Even so Angela stands up to him, which isn’t at all wise as his treatment of her is extreme to say the least.

The romance of the story is that Angela is madly in love with her best friend Sara, who went away as a child but comes back a beautiful young lady, after a lot of persuasion Sara acquises, but how can the two possibly be together. Angela’s father tells her she is to marry a local boy, to which Angela declares her love for Sara to her father who can’t cope with this at all and locks Angela in a box beneath the ground… She is inprisoned for a long time until her mother finally comes up with a ‘solution’. Angela is to become a man, therefore making her father happy and most of all she can then marry the women she loves.

To think all this occurred in 19th century Sicily is rather astounding. We think we have trouble with our sexuality in these times.

The lead actresses are both stunning and incredible in their roles. Angela is played by Valeria Solarino, Sara by Isabella Ragonese. The film is visually beautiful and deeply imotive.

Sea Purple [DVD] [2010]

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