Salt Spray by Paula Napier

Salt Spray

I was sent this novel by the author to review for our site. We get quite a few books to review and of course some of them are better than others, but I had a good feeling about this one. So as soon as I had finished my previous book I was all set. I have just treated myself to a kindle which was lucky as this is a kindle only book. It is Paula Napiers’ first book.

You meet Carrie who is herself an author, who has just ended a ten year relationship with a troubled soul; she has not only the guilt to deal with but also the concern that her ex Alex might do herself some harm. Jill, Carries editor, takes control of the situation and sends Carrie away to a remote location in France by the sea. As I sit here reading the book and looking out onto the rain I long to be there myself.

Carrie is welcomed into the French village and is invited to a dinner party where she falls in love at first sight with the gorgeous Madeleine. From there on in things start to occur that are very troubling but who could be causing these disturbances and why?

I will give no more away suffice to say I couldn’t put the book sorry kindle down and was clicking away at each page to see what would happen next.

Paula is a brilliant writer not only does she really get you inside the mind of her characters but the dialog she writes between the characters really flow.

I highly recommend reading it and was sorry when it ended. Don’t make us wait too long for the next one Paula.

Paula is lined up to be our celeb of the month soon.

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