Run Lola Run – Tom Tyker

51Z947M1Y2L._SL500_After watching the lesbian version of this film, we thought it only right that we check out the original, and what a bizarre wonderful film this was!  Very fast paced, quirky humorous. It all starts with a phone call Lola played by Franka Potente receives from her boyfriend Manni, he has inadvertently left a paper bag full of money he was taking to his boss on a train and watched as a tramp picked it up as the train sped away.  Manni has twenty minutes before he has to give his boss the money, if he doesn’t do so his life is over!  Lola is given the task of rescuing her chap from this predicament, the film comprises of three ‘runs’ each beginning with this scenario but as they play out we get different resolutions, as with the latest version of this film (Run Lola Run) it is interspersed with cartoon, which is a great companion to this already dynamic movie!  We really enjoyed this movie, even though we get a similar story throughout it is altered enough to make that a great part of the film, the actors are great, its funny very unusual!  Highly recommend it!

Run Lola Run [DVD] [2000]

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