Review best lesbian romance 2014 – edited by Radclyffe


I’m reviewing this book knowing absolutely nothing about the best lesbian romance 2013/12/10 …….I’ve no idea how far they go back – so I’m a bit in the dark as far as the series goes. I also don’t read a lot of lesbian fiction anymore …I’m not sure if this bodes well or not!!!


When I started the collection I have to say I thought it was sweet but a bit lame, the sort of book aimed at teenagers who are exploring their sexuality and tales more suited to teen magazines than a lesbian collection. The stories certainly have a place but frankly I’m just too old to be reading about high school teenage female footballers finding love in the “end zone”.


After the first two stories I set it aside and forgot about it. Then I knew I was supposed to review it so took it on holiday and I have to say it certainly hots up!


If you’ve read the previous books in the series you’re way ahead of me.  It’s not the best written, most thought provoking anthology but it is hot! Each story has a varied theme; older women finding love and sex;  students finding threesomes, a committed couple finding they’re still in to each other and in each story everyone finding each other’s bits!!


It’s a decent read with lots of sex, it’s not as if you don’t know where the storyline is going in any of the stories! What is disappointing is the lack of humour and depth to the tales but hey it is what it is…. Less romance I think …more sex.


So if you’re planning on going on holiday this summer it’s a hot, unchallenging, steamy beach read!

Guest Review by Eve Knapp

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