Producing Adults – Director Aleksi Salmenpera

This is a real change for a lesbian film. Firstly we meet Venla who is in a relationship with a chap but they want different things. She wants kids and he wants to focus on his sporting career. As you can imagine this causes problems within the relationship and leads to a very shocking moment when he purchases some champagne to propose to her but spikes it with the morning after pill!!!! Venla confides in her colleague Satu, who is bisexual. The two of them set to and try to get Venla pregnant – this has some hilarious results. The film then shifts and concentrates on the relationship that forms between the two women. I really liked this film the two leads were wonderful and the actress Minttu Mustakallio who plays Satu was very sexy indeed! This was Finland’s official entry for the Oscars. Producing Adults is a no-nonsense, heartfelt look at a host of issues ranging from birth control, fidelity through to sexual orientation. Would strongly recommend watching Minttu Mustakallio will be featured as our celeb of the month in the not too distant future….. 

Producing Adults [DVD] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]

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