Orange is the New Black


I read a lot about this and also friends recommended it to me. We had not long ago finished Breaking Bad, so thought we would give it a go.  Once I had recovered from the shock of seeing Captain Kathryn Janeway aka Kate Mulgrew as a Russian prisoner, I settled into the show…  Whilst it is very good, brilliantly written and full of amazing characters, it also freaked me out a little. I tend to live in a bubble, it gets a little more deflated with each passing year but I always try and see the good in people. In this program which is indeed based on a true story, you get to see the bad and I mean bad. However, there are equally some colourful characters who, as their stories are shared through each episode, seem to have been dealt a harsh sentence when in fact their crime was a given from the time they were born because of the life they grew up with. You gain an insight as to why they are where they are and some of the stories are very sad.

We meet Piper who is happy in her relationship with Larry Bloom, all seems idyllic until we realize they are preparing for Piper to complete 15 months in jail, for a crime she committed ten years ago in a completely different life.

As the episodes progress we see how this life impacts on them both. Piper has a pretty horrendous day to day life surrounded by some pretty unsavory characters and that’s not just the prisoners. And Larry feels hard done by and writes articles and goes on the radio to share his side of the story with the world at large, as you can imagine this has huge consequences for Piper.

Thoroughly enjoyed the series although at times quite stark and a sad state of affairs, however, it portrays the times we live in, very addictive viewing!

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