One Summer Night – Gerri Hill

723071This is the first Gerri Hill book I have read but believe me it won’t be the last. Loved it!

The book is based around two central characters, Jo and Kelly.

They meet and have mad passionate sex one hot summer night. The sex is electric, the best Jo has ever experienced. But for Jo a one night stand is not what she does, it is totally out of character for her.

This book is full of steamy sex in detail, there is laughter and tears, a real emotional journey for the characters and at one point it even left me in tears. The sexual tension between the girls will leave you guessing right up until the end.

What does Jo want, you ask yourself as the reader? Kelly has made her intentions clear!

Really enjoyed the book and for something to capture me that quickly it says quite a lot about it. Great book, very easy to read, a real page turner. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Looking forward to reading more of the Gerri Hill collection!

One Summer Night

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