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Karen McLeod is the author of the award winning In Search of the Missing Eyelash published by Vintage (the novel won a Betty Trask award). She is a cabaret performer and recently retired air stewardess. She has worked as a cleaner, a life model and a balloon seller. She lives in south London with her record player Karen is also speaking at the London Literary Festival .

The LnL Questionnaire

Your favourite virtue?

Honesty in the face of adversity

Your favourite qualities in a man?

A generous inclusive wit

Your favourite qualities in a woman?

Humour and creative ambition

Your main characteristic?

A need to entertain people

What draws you most to your friends?

Intelligence and wine

Given the opportunity what would you most like to change?

I would like to be put in charge of seeing all homeless people looked after in proper housing and given help to reshape their lives.
It’s the most basic thing isn’t it? To have a shelf to put your coffee mug on.

Who would you most like to take out for dinner?

Janet Street Porter and Jo Brand and Meryl Streep

Your idea of happiness?

A glass full of wine with a room full of friends.

What is your favourite way of spending the day?

Writing in the morning drinking coffee, a good book in the sunshine then a nice meal in the evening with my lady friend followed by a film.

Whose life other than yours would you most like to have lived?

There is a point in time I would still like to experience and
that would be the 1930’s when Sally Bowles (Cabaret)
was singing in thehedonistic bars in Berlin just before the second world war.

Where would you most like to live?

I love London but I am drawn towards deserts. I wouldn’t mind a spell in New Mexico/ Arizona.

Who is your favourite author?

It changes all the time, currently it is Amy Hempel the short story writer.

Who is your favourite poet?

Jackie Kay

Your favourite heroes in fiction?

Tom Ripley from The Talented Mr Ripley

Your favourite heroines in fiction?

Gert Hardcastle from Julia Darling’s first novel ‘Crocodile Soup’
Mrs Danvers from ‘Rebecca’ by Du Maurier

Your favourite painters?

Hopper, Picasso, Paula Rego

Who is your favourite composer?

Leonard Bernstein

What is your favourite Film?

Little children (Winslet), The Hours, Victor/Victoria

Your favourite food?

Finger food

Your favourite drink?

White wine

Who do you most admire?

My mother

What is your present state of mind?

A layer of calm blanketing impatience

For what fault have you most toleration?

It’s easier to think about what I can’t tolerate, which is rudeness and self-importance.

Also the way men like to compete through conversation. I’m quite good at tolerating uninteresting people at parties.

Your favourite motto?

It comes from Angela Carter, ‘Hope for the best, expect the worst’






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