My Friend From Faro – Director Nana Neul

imagesLiz and I settled down to watch this film, having no idea what it was about, I decided to save the literature for afterwards therefore being able to judge it on its merits alone. The first thing that sprang to mind is that this is a beautifully shot film, You start off with a landing plane caught in the reflection of a beautiful lake. You then meet Mel, adorned in delightful plastic hat and overall as she works in a food factory. She is asked to look after the new boy and there begins an unlikely friendship.


Mel’s life changes forever when she literally runs into the love of her life ‘Jenny’ – they end up having a magical night together. Unfortunatly Jenny has no idea that Mel is in fact a girl… this is where the problem lies.

I won’t spoil it for you, many of the right ups compare it to ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ and with good reason but this is a quirky lovingly made film, with beautiful scenary, a nice way to while a way a rainy Sunday afternoon.

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