Megume and the Trees – Sarah Toshiko Hasu

images (2)We were very kindly sent this wonderful magical book by the author Sarah. Having just finished reading it I feel conscious that I need to do the book justice through my review. Our site is all about the positive side of being gay. To be honest I have been so lucky that I had forgotten how it felt when I was younger and struggled with my sexuality, that it was such a shameful thing and that those closest didn’t know me, the feeling of deceit. This book focuses on a fifteen year old girl called Megume. It is written in her voice. You meet her as she is running through a forest, the book is as though she is within a dream. Te situations she finds herself in are analogies of her thoughts and her situation. It is a very dark book, she is in a very dark place. Sarah talks of friends who she has lost in her life who didn’t make it out of the nightmare that they found themselves in. There is a brilliantly informative interview with Sarah in Curve magazine, she so eloquently describes the thoughts we have as gay individuals. I remember so well thinking I would lose my family and friends if they knew who I really was. ‘I have many loving, warm people in my life who can’t fathom how people could be so worried that everyone who’s always loved them would stop loving them because of who they are. But when you’re realizing that about yourself and your identity and you’re getting ready to come out, even if you think you know things about yourself, your family and your friends, you’re always scared that it would be different when it comes to you. You have to steel yourself against risking losing everything just to have your truth and its frightening. And sometimes it goes really well and everyone still loves you and sometimes it goes horribly wrong.’ Sarah has written this book as a light at the end of the tunnel for all those in the dark who are terrified of what their future holds. There is a wonderful part in the book where she meets Kat and all her woes become clear to her. This is a very powerful book, a book that has reminded me of my journey and made me realise if I needed to, how lucky I am to be me and loved by those about me – no matter who I am! I would say that if you know of people who you believe are struggling, give them a copy of this book, show them that there is a way out of the deep dark wood. Thank you so much Sarah for sending me this magical book… I read it yesterday as I was travelling in London and was so lost within its pages that I almost missed my stop on the tube. I definitely recommend this book.

Megume and the Trees

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