Maxie Mainwaring Lesbian Dilettante by Monica Nolan – Review


I was given this book a while ago to read and review but already had a number of others to review so have only just got around to reading it now. However, it was worth the wait. Just the kind of book I enjoy.

It is based around a number of characters but primarily they are all linked to ‘Madcap’ Maxie Mainwaring, the main character.

Maxie comes from a wealthy family, who are respected highly within the social circle of the rich. Maxie won’t conform so her mother turns her back on her and severs the family allowance. She is forced to fend for herself, something that has never been necessary in Maxie’s world. With the help of her friends but fundamentally because of her gutsy personality she strives to make her way.

This is definitely a great story that deals with relationships, friends that need support, there is something for everyone in this book, even a mafia thread.

I found it a nice easy read that flowed well. I will definitely be looking out for some of the other titles in Monica Nolan’s line of novels.

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