Mary Marie

Having lost their mother, two sisters spend the summer together in the home that they grew up in. Care free days of swimming, walking, running and laughing. As the weeks go by, the girls become even closer until someone arrives to work on the house. The chap is intrigued and aroused by the relationship between the two girls but it is not long before his relationship with one of the girls threatens the closeness of the sisters.

Lovely film with great performances from the two leading ladies – Alexandra Roxo and Alana Kearns-Green.

I loved the way they dealt with a sensitive subject through the art of film and body language.

Captures the American countryside beautifully.

This film is released on 20th August 2012 and you can get your copy here

Directed by Alexandra Roxo and Alana Kearns-Green Official Site Runtime 78 minutes

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