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Having a tough time telling your Mum you are gay? After watching this film it will seem like a breeze!

I’m sure we all remember the day we told our parents we were gay, was it an easy ride for you?  This film brings it all flooding back but with an extra twist in the tail.

Roberta faced with this very situation, decides she will soften the blow by taking them all out on a boat trip to sea, her mother and Javiera, her girlfriend. To my mind this has disaster written all over it, to top it all the girlfriend is a little out there shall we say. So Roberta’s notion of them all getting on tremendously and her Mum changing her whole perception of how her daughter should lead her life doesn’t quite go as planned. It all starts off well enough, in fact Javiera and Roberta’s mum get on like a house on fire, drinking and chatting whilst Roberta watches from afar. I think the real elements of the film are the relationship Roberta has with her Mother and that she needs to figure those out before she can then have a good relationship with Javiera, who doesn’t help at all by trying to shock Roberta’s mother.

It’s a beautifully short film; it deals with a lot of issues we have all been through. I was left rather wanting though… wondering where it would all lead.

Release Date:
10th February 2014
Fernández Constanza
Cert: 15 TBC
Moro Andrea, Francisca Bernardi, Romano Kotto
Language: Spanish (with English subtitles)

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