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Each year we are treated to a selection of stories complied by the brilliant Radclyffe. She also closes the book this year, maybe she does each year.

The sub title of this year’s tome, is just perfect. There are stories from lesbians of all ages and paths of life and going back in time in their stories too.

One of the standout stories for me is ‘Full Circle’ maybe it’s the hippy in me but I loved the notion of the couple meeting at Woodstock and then you dip in and out of their lives through the years. The course of many Americans, I imagine, as Woodstock turned to Nixon and Regan and then Clinton.  I love the ending too.

‘The way to ‘A Women’s Heart’ was so true to life. Trying to do the best evening for your girl and best laid plans and all that, if you will pardon the pun. Cooking up a storm, when it all goes wrong but ends well.

There is a story here for everyone, some romantic and some downright dirty!  So whatever floats your boat you will love this year’s collection.

We are lucky enough to have Radclyffe as a future celeb in the next few months so watch this space for that.

You can get your copy right here

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