Lilac Mines by Cheryl Klein

images (1)You know how sometimes you just look at a book and you know instinctively it is going to be a good one? well I thought this the moment Lilac Mines popped through the front door for us to review.

It is set in two time spans, you meet Felix who resides in 2002 and her Aunt Anna Lisa who you read about in the mid 60’s to late 70’s. Felix is coming to terms with being dumped by her girlfriend and being assaulted in LA, her mother sends her to live with her Aunt who is also a lesbian and who ran away from home in the mid 60’s, so afraid to be who she really was with her family.

Into this equation you get to learn about the ghosts of the town Lilac Mines, in the late 80’s. A girl of that name simply vanished, the town fell apart after her disappearance and many stories sprung up about her and what could have happened. Felix loses herself in the mystery, she finds her Aunt unresponsive so makes her own entertainment elsewhere.

As the book progresses the story of the aunt and the niece become ever more entwined.

I throughly enjoyed the book, I really got to know the characters and felt for them. Do we take for granted how easy it is to be a lesbian in this day and age and what all those before us did for the cause. The mystery is Lilac Mines kept me guessing as well.. there were so many layers to this story it kept me guessing until the end.

And as if that wasn’t enough there are also a couple of mentions of my favourite band in there as well – ‘The Beach Boys’.

Thanks very much Cheryl for a brilliant book! Cheryl is our ‘celeb of the month’

Lilac Mines: A Novel

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