Life Above All

220px-Life,_Above_AllSet in an African village within a close knit community. The film tells the story of some of the early families struck by AIDS and the ignorance and prejudice shown by other villagers when it came to the new killer disease.

The film was very moving and well written. The actors portrayed the horror experienced by the illness and the attitude of others exceptionally well. The film had subtitles but that didn’t distract from the message in anyway.

The film was great, the best I have seen for a very long time. It was a reflective experience from our point of view of the little people knew back then and what they had to endure.

Prejudice isn’t just about the colour of your skin, sexuality or faith it can reach further but still have a huge and negative impact on the people that are the victims of the prejudice.


Well worth watching – brilliant film, very profound.

Life Above All [DVD]

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