LGBT History Month

LGBT History Month is every February in the UK. It gives everyone a chance to learn about the history and diversity of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and trans (LGBT) people.  Schools OUT launched the first Month in 2005 to take steps against our invisibility – or even invisibilisation – from the textbooks. Making LGBT people visible to educators would encourage and enable them to challenge stereotypes and prejudice.

The month is now filled with exhibitions, shows, resources, poetry, films, essays and recorded events throughout the nation. Our website provides resources to facilitate these and an interactive calendar to promote them. For educational purposes we give each year a theme. During 2011 and 2012 we focused in sport on the run up to the Olympics, inspiring the government to produce the LGBT Sports Charter. Many sports organisations were inspired to think creatively about making their sport LGBT friendly – especially Rugby League. Since 2012 was the centenary of Alan Turing we are focusing this year on Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). We always hold our pre launch in November to prepare people for the month and we held our last one in Bletchley Park: The Home of the Codebreakers.  It was a great success, with the nation’s expert S Barry Cooper and Alan Turing’s nephew and members of Schools OUT demonstrating STEM lessons from our website The Classroom. Past pre launches have been held at a variety of places including the Oval stadium, Twickenham Rugby Stadium and the British Museum.

The calendar on the website lists the thousand or so events of the month and – as we said – our website and our pre launch provide the ideas and resources. We visit as many events as we can and speak to as many people as we can throughout the month and throughout the country.

But we are all volunteers, working for love from our own homes. We only do one event ourselves in the month which is The Schools OUT annual conference and AGM on the first Saturday of the Month (2nd of February in 2013) in the Alan Turing Building at Manchester University.

Check out this year’s events: Manchester Queer Contact 2013 will take place at Contact from Mon 4 – Sat 9 Feb 2013. We will be having events in schools – thanks to Elly Barnes – in Birmingham and London.


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