Laurel Canyon – Lisa Cholodenko

51DNW445QYL._SL500_AA300_Directed by Lisa Cholodenko who has recently bought us the wonderful ‘The Kids Are Alright’ first came to my attention with this little gem, a little know movie, staring Frances Command, Alessandro Nivola and Christian Bale, Frances McDormand is a revelation in this, a very sexy rock and roll producer who is famous for her past successes and brought back in to add her finesse to the latest fav’s, this is a far cry from her most famous role to date ‘Fargo’ Christian Bale plays her son, who is rebelling against his mothers somewhat hedonistic existence by living a rather bookish one of his own, he brings his gorgeous girlfriend to L.A  not really planning on her getting to know his mother, but due to their timing they end up living together, thus causing allsorts of complications…  I found this a wonderful film, very character driven, lovely locations, and wonderfully acted!  Highly recommend this film, and it has rather an interesting twist at the end that will suit our audience no end

Laurel Canyon [DVD] [2003]

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