Jan’s Coming Out BFI LGBT Film Festival 2nd April 2011


We have literally just walked in the door after spending the afternoon at the BFI festival. We were very kindly invited by ‘Village Films’ to go along and watch their latest film ‘Jan’s Coming Out’ – having seen the preview clip, we were thrilled to bits to be asked. If you haven’t seen the preview yet click below:

The concept of the film is the story of Jan Walker a 50 year old massage therapist from Manchester, who after 23 years of marriage and three children realises that all her crushes have actually been on women. Jan’s realisation that she is a lesbian is a joyous one! This energy and joy is the essence of the film. During the talk afterwards Carolyn Reid the director said it was so refreshing to make a film about lesbians that was so full of joy and happiness!

The directors met Jan on an Olivia Cruise and were so taken by her joy and excitement at being a lesbian that they came up with the notion of following her about as she embarked on her new adventure. Along the way she met up and interviewed some of the world’s best known lesbians.
There are wonderfully hilarious interviews with the likes of; Jill Bennett and Cathy Debuono, Stella Duffy and her wife Shelley Silas, Zoe Lyons who was hillarious! The gorgeous Meredith Baxter whom I remember from ‘Family Ties’, Val Mcdermid, to name but a few… There were also lots of interviews with dare I say it ‘normal’ people and their coming out stories,  Jan asked some brilliant questions which garnered great candid responses, The people she interviewed seemed so relaxed in her company that they revealed some great stories and their personalities, Jill Bennett and Cathy Debueno came all the way over from LA to Hebden Bridge. They looked very jan_partying_hebden_bridge_style_cool ambling about hand in hand through the streets of this northern town.  As Vickie Shaw said (hilarious and very sexy lady!) lesbians are such a diverse bunch and wonderful with it!  I really can’t recommend this film enough and it was such a pleasure to watch it in on the big screen in a room full of lesbians who were having  such a great time joining Jan on her ride!  She is a great example to us all…  It is all to easy to look upon the struggles of being gay and yes these were mentioned but it was also great to bear witness to couples who had been together for many years and were still as madly in love with each other as they had been on the day they met!

After the film they had a brief Q and A,  I was very surprised to see the hand of my partner Liz pop up, see film 🙂  she asked a great question too 🙂 I was far too shy for that, below is the film I took of the Q and A.

They hope to show the film to all the festivals then try to get it onto the telly and into mainstream media, I can’t wait to see it again!  It’s a film i will watch again and again!  Well done guys! Bloody marvelous!

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