Jane Siberry is now here in the UK

imagesDear people of the Engel-Land, people elsewhere, and those who have just joined my email list. Some news for you.

I have made it to England and was able to bring my little companion, Gwyllym, whom I brought back from Wales on my last tour. Someone called him ‘Lord Gwyllym’ and he IS like that.

I am so looking forward to being here and filling my senses with all things bloodline: the shapes of the land, the twist of the trees, the curl of the accents.

I hope you can come to a concert or two.
up-to-date listings: http://www.janesiberry.com/tour

I plan to walk wherever I can so if you look at the routing and know some good walks (that don’t end in an abyss or quicksand – i can find those myself, thank you) please let me know.


If you may recall, I used to have a documentary available at Sheeba long ago. I finally have it in digital form (including a ‘burn your own cd’ quality one). Laugh at the revolving hairdos of me and my girlfriends, wonder at the struggle of my throat chakra, cry at the interview questions. TIME to do a new one, I say.


I wish you well wherever you are. If you feel a strange yearning or bubbling of laughter out of the blue, you may be picking up some good energy from the moving circle of kindred spirits. we are all connected. ask the butterfly. better yet, answer as the butterfly.


Jane Siberry

Lesbians of North London Music

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