James Dean Joshua Tree 1951 – Review

APortraitofJamesDeanCoverI love James Dean, I mean who doesn’t, that timeless image of the perpetual teenager who flew through this world like a comet blazing a trail that people have followed for generations since.

Jimmy’s story is well told, him leaving his home town and heading to California to be a star, following Marlon Brando around with his bongos and annoying everyone. Heading to the Lee Strasberg  school in New York making three amazing films and dying before the end of Giant in a car crash.

This film is a very different story, a story of Jimmy’s relationships in the California sun, being entertained by the queens of la la land who see his beauty. His friendships, his struggles to succeed on his own terms not through the beds of the rich gay film makers.

The film is beautifully shot, the actor playing Jimmy (James Preston) is gorgeous and has the moody quality that Jimmy exuded.

551321_10151547744522728_724267001_nThe film flits between 1949 when Jimmy goes to UCLA against his father’s wishes. He soon shows his acting chops and also his  proclivity towards both men and women. He has a tender relationship with his room mate, and they journey together to the joshua tree his room mate films the journey on his cine camera. The film is shot in glorious black and white, the only fleeting glimpse of colour is seen through the lens of the Cine camera. The shots of the desert are amazing, this is Mathew Misory’s first film, but really has the look of a mature film maker.

The boys will be pleased with some pretty graphic scenes. Who knows which of this semi fictional film is true, but it’s a great glimpse at the times and actors seeking out each other in words or film to find other gay people in a town where even today true lives are hidden.

Mathew will be our celeb in a forthcoming month.


You can buy your copy here from May 13th 2013

A Portrait of James Dean: Joshua Tree, 1951 [DVD]

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