I’ve Loved You So Long

downloadWe had no idea what to expect and though this is a subtitled movie (which I actually enjoy), we found we were gripped from the very beginning.
So many questions: where had the Kristin Scott Thomas character been, why did she know so little about life, why was her brother in law so wary of her?
As the film progressed the answers were given but none of them expected. It was also a great character study of how people jump to conclusions.
I don’t want to give anything away and spoil the story for you, so you can take the journey we did!
Kristin Scott Thomas gives an outstanding performance as the sister who has returned. She speaks impeccable French, it is a very unglamorous part for her but she still exudes that inherent sexiness.
I can’t recommend this film enough but keep a hanky handy.

I’ve Loved You So Long [DVD]

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