In Search of the Missing Eyelash – Karen Mcleod

EAAMSBI must confess I wasn’t too sure about this book at the outset. Lizzie the protagonist has just split up with her girlfriend of nine weeks, Sally, who has left her for a chap with a fat neck. So Lizzie spends the first part of the book stalking her, using a camera and disguise and showing up in a pub she knows she frequents. Lizzie breaks into her house and with info found then sets out to stalk Sally and the man with the fat neck on holiday in Brighton.

I imaged myself in Sally’s shoes and how horrendous that would be. But the genius of Karen’s writing gives you great empathy for Lizzie’s situation. I have never read a book that so eloquently describes the minutia of life. The way she describes feelings of how it is to be in love, waiting for that elusive text message, wondering how to reply without conveying too much need. Also the descriptions of the characters are wonderful, you get to know all the people who meet each day in the cafe that Lizzie works in – you feel as though you are opening the door and peeping into their world.

It is an incredibly well written book! Made me laugh, made me concerned, something very different to anything I had read before – EVER! Great stuff.

Karen was our celeb next month, August 2011.

In Search of the Missing Eyelash

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