If These Walls Could Talk 2

images (2)Three separate stories covering different generations. The first is Vanessa Redgrave in a relationship where the family of her deceased partner do not look at her as a part of the family at all. They sell the house and so on, so not only her partners life is at an end but hers also. ‘1972’ featuring Chole Sevigney as a butch lesbian in the 70’s meets a femme and all her friends disapprove of their relationship. As strong feminists they do not understand or appreciate the butch lesbians view. ‘2000’ featuring Ellen Degeneres and Sharon Stone is, I’m afraid, my favourite – if only for the quirky acting of the leads. They appear to be in love. Sharon Stone is hilarious and there is a great sex scene… call me shallow but this is my fav!

If These Walls Could Talk 2 [DVD]

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