Here Come the Girls 3

So the latest batch of the ‘Here comes the girls’ compilations came through the letter box yesterday… what delights did we have in store this time we asked oursleves! Here’s what we thought… the set started out with a great film called

‘Public Relations‘ Dir Gianna Sobol A hillarious look at the life of two PA’s one who looked after a lady in New York and the other looked after her sister in LA, teh pampered ladies can’t begin to cope with life without their assistant, so when the two meet in a cupcake shop and have a wild night out in LA most of which they can’t recall (always the best nights out I find) we end the film with the two sisters screaming out for their adsent PA’s really enjoyed this one and want my boss (if I had one) to decide on a whimsey to take mt to LA.
‘Trophy’  Dir Karla DiBenedetto Now this one caught us off guard!  had a wonderful twist in the tail… so I won’t spoil that here, but great fun..

‘Birthday’ Dir Jenifer Malmqvist Bit of a dark one this one, we meet this couple as they awaken in an idilic white house (where I can see myself living, except its in Sweeden…) but as you can imagine the day doesnt go quite as planned, the birthday isn’t the happiest…. I won’t say more but this is a beautifully shot film, with a poignant tale to tell.

‘Looking For’  Dir Michelle Pollino This was a bit of a strange one,very funny though, at times reminded me of David Lynch movies the look of the actors, it takes place in a cafe where a lady is meeting her prospective blind dates, the agency has taken a rather literal take on her specifications, ending up in some very strange and wondrous people coming to meet her, as ever there is a twist at the end, though I must admit I had guessed how it would end…

‘Lucha’  Dir Maria Breaux Another dark one shot in what appears to be a cell.. two ladies discuss the situation they find themselves in, being in the midstof the insurgency in El Salvador.

‘Mosa’ Dir Ana Moreno A beautiful South African girl, tries to hide the love of her life from those around her, once she is found out her family take it out on her, but the arrival of an American Photographer changes her life forever, but the demons are still there…

‘Organism‘  Dir Nina Reyes Rosenburg A colourful tale of school girl crushes, a times maybe a bit too graphic, but an interesting filHere-Come-the-Girls-3m all the same, and I liked the use of colour two distiguish between the two characters.

‘Fresh Air Therapy’ Dir Christoph Scheerman what can i say about this…. who needs a therapist when all you need are a couple of farts……

‘I am Jin Young’ Dir Lee Sung-eun Really enjoyed this tale from the Orient, It was a really interesting take on their notion of sexuality, and it was fun too!  Jin Young is the young girl, we meet who is trying to figure out why she really likes her Mum’s rather andgrogenous best friend. great fun and a cute little actress too!

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