Here Come The Girls 2

51FV0MOVV6L._SL500_AA300_I remember we weren’t too sure about the first instalment of this series.. so with some trepidation we popped this dvd into the player. I am pleased to say it is much better.Jane Lynch pops up in three of the stories which is worth the price of admission alone, such a sexy lady! The dvd features movie shorts from both UK and USA lesbian film directors, so running through them in order:Memoirs of an Evil Stepmother – Dir. Cherien Dabis (USA) 18 mins Starring Jane Lynch, Shaina FewellpThe stepmother from hell features a comedic turn from Jane Lynch who plays an ageing actress jealous of her step daughter’s success and she goes to great lengths to stop her!
D.E.B.S – Dir. Angela Robinson (USA) 11 mins Starring Alexandra Breckenridge, Shanti Lowry, Clare Kramer We enjoyed this short movie and it was was fun. Young very sexy girls playing ‘The Man From Uncle’ part but in sexy plaid, pleated skirts. Great fun!
Wavelengths Dir. Pratibha Parmar (UK) 15mins Starring Indra Ové, Lisa Gornick, Faith EdwardsDirected by Pratibha Parmar who also directed ‘Nina’s Heavenly Delights’ and starring Indra Ové who was in one of my favourite movies ‘The Fifth Element’. The film discusses the search for safer sex but maybe in the wrong places ie gay bars and the internet. Has a great soundtrack Liz particularly enjoyed Kylie Minogue also featured music fro Skunk Anansie and Everything But The Girl.
Henna Night Dir. Sally El Hosaini (UK) 12mins Starring Amber Rose Revah, Beatriz Romilly, Badria TimimiA young Arab girl is set to get married but it becomes clear she has had been having an affair with a girl in the house who cooks for the family. The resulting film is of bewilderment and confusion and the end, well let us know what you think, we were left slightly puzzled.
Falling For Caroline – Dir. Christine Chew (Canada) 20 mins Starring Yanna Baizer, Shannon CurrieTwo girls meet in a dvd store fighting over ‘Fingersmith’. Following advice from a friend, an under confident young lady changes herself to fit the bill for the other, as you can imagine, things don’t go quite as they could have. Very funny film, we liked this one alot.
Promtroversy Dir. Leanna Creel (USA) 12 mins Starring Jane Lynch, Brianne Davis, Heather HabeckerFeaturing that American tradition of the school prom. A very cute young lesbian wants to take her girl to the prom, needless to say the teachers and demonstrators (featuring Jane Lynch) have other ideas. Bit daft but worth it for the ‘Prom King’.
Overnight Book – Dir. Erin Greenwell (USA) 20 mins Starring Lana Porter, Cameron Oro, Carolyn PurcellWe meet Mary in a diner in a small American town. She is studying – in walk all the hip girls who ignore her. Watching them is a washed up gay writer back in town to visit his family. They begin a journey through the night of both the mind and the road whilst discussing James Joyce’s Ulysses.
Little Black Boot – Dir. Colette Burson (USA) 16 mins Starring Jane Lynch, Dania Ramirez, Carmen PlumbJane Lynch, another prom storyline, a young gothic dyke Cindy has a crush on. Laurie who is blissfully unaware of this until prom night when a friend persuades her to dress up as a boy for the prom. (When will they learn not to listen to friends!! :¬)) Somehow the suit makes her unrecognisable to all that know her and she gets the prom dance with the girl but then lies a twist!
Stuck – Dir. Jamie Babbit (Canada) 7 mins Starring Jennie Ventriss, Jeanette Miller, Eden SherOur least favourite I’m afraid, very dark, features two aging lesbians who seem to argue an awful lot, they head off to a do and an accident occurs. It all turns very bizarre after that!!! Directed by prominent lesbian film director Jamie Babbit (But I’m A Cheerleader, The Itty Bitty Titty Committee) certainly a change of pace for her.

Here Come The Girls 2 [DVD] [2010]

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