Guest Post by Jane Siberry | 30 day sugar-free diet

Jane Siberry

Hello everyone.

This doctor (Olsen) does a 30 day sugar-free thing. He knows a lot about the dark secrets of sugar. He also runs marathons so understands the body from that stance, too. If you’re interested, details here.

Here are my thoughts, too. However, I must add a SPOILER ALERT.

‘Canadian Rock Star strikes human note with seedy off-stage revelations.Fans look for musical thrills elsewhere.’

Candida (yeast overgrowth, not the song) is insidious, insipid and inflaming. Inflaming our delicate membranes chronically. Giving us that convex ‘puffy’ look. Yeast are the spore form of fungus. In a heavily fungified body, the overgrowth can bore holes right into our organs. Listen closely. If you stop eating sugar they’ll starve. Expect them to try everything to get you to pick up that chocolate fudge butter-icing cupcake. If you do, expect your arm movement to be lacking in grace. But you won’t for a month. And when they die off, they release a nasty toxin from their cell membrane that makes you feel ‘slightly sick’, ‘confused’ or ‘darkly broody’. They’re supposed to be in  your body but HOLD ON, NOT SO MANY! This programme is just about getting them under control and you out from under their control.

medium_7126876507Did you know this about eating pizza and ice cream? First, you introduce more yeast directly from the pizza and then you feed them with ice cream. Can you hear their squeals of joy? Then they have a population explosion out to the ends of their occupation of your formerly pristine tissues. As they live so shall they die and that is why we feel so icky sometimes after eating really sweet foods. (It seems so wrong. How can something so sweet and innocent be so connected to the underworld.) AND they can produce alcohol as a side product making sensitive former alcoholics like myself slur my words. YES, it’s true.

So right now they have their fungal fingers on me. Big time. I’ve gained weight and I have to have a pint of ice cream before sleep or else their cat-calls and attempts at sounding like ‘god’ (‘You NEED that ice cream! Feel SORRY for that ice cream!) keep me awake.

The eating programme: no sugar, no foods that act like sugar (grains), no alcohol. LOTS of veggies, protein and certain fruit. Buckwheat is a ‘legume’ and quinoa is mostly protein so I going to eat those as I’ve also joined a winter training programme for cycling. Let’s call this LEARN ABOUT THE BODY month.

There you have it, expect to feel shitty the first few days. This includes angry. But it’s not you that’s angry. It’s the yeast’s collective consciousness that is very upset. Any addict knows about that. Take the drink away from one and you’ll no longer be seen as a person. Just an object in the way. Look out.

if you do it, too, let me know how it goes. (especially via Facebook)




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