Go Fish

gofish7 go-fishThis film came out in 1994, it’s a very arty film, filmed in black and white, rough camera technique a bit like a home movie. I found it rather slow and mirandearing, you just follow the lives of these friends, get an insight into their though’s as well as their actions. I fell for the character Max played by Guinevere Turner, a very feminine portrayal of a lesbian compared to Ely, who their friends are trying to get together. Guinevere also co-wrote the film. It uses some clever techniques when one of the lesbians goes off and sleeps with a man you get a jury of lesbians on the social ramifications of such a thing. It is a wonderful slice of life in Chicago in the 90’s a time capsule of that world, a world in which I was dying to enter at the time.

Go Fish [DVD] [1994] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]

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