Fit – Rikki Beadle-Blair

61oURwnPX1L._SL500_AA300_A play originally written by Rikki Beadle Blaire. Rikki was asked to write a play about homophobia in schools, she was initially slightly reticent to do this but embraced it once she realised the importance of such a work. The play toured for three winters and was seen by 20,000 children. The idea was to make this suitable for a wide range of ages and view points.  The film was really thought provoking to hear children of this day and age, face exactly the same concerns that concerned me when I was their age. What will my parents say? Will they ever talk to me again? How will I be treated at school? The most profound parts of the film for me took place in the meeting group. The discussions they all had together there were so true to what I was thinking when I struggled with my sexuality but sadly I had no one to talk to about it and certainly no film to relate too. My concern was that in my naivety I thought that things had mellowed in schools now, that so many ‘icons’ these days are gay that it isn’t a big deal but having seen the movie – I imagine the problems are still there.  As I sat and watched this with my partner from the vantage point of 38, I wanted to reach out and tell them, it will be ok; you will find your world and fit right into it. People will forget about the sexuality issue and you will be a person in your own right. Liz put it more eloquently ‘You need to walk the path, of the emotional journey to find yourself.’ It is a cliché but really it does make you stronger in the end! All those hurdles have just made us the people we are.  Back to the film – we really enjoyed it. It was thought provoking, entertaining, the cast were great. Very modern film for a very modern society.  It was a real surprise, different from anything we had seen before.   Really recommend you watch it – thoroughly enjoyed it!

Fit (Double Sleeve Edition) [DVD]

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