Essential Dykes To Watch Out For Alison Bechdel

images (2)We stumbled upon this book in Foyles whilst waiting for a Brian Wilson concert to whisk us away to California,  We had been very remise and had not heard of the book, but Liz being a huge fan of Tin Tin was intrigued by this lesbian cartoon book.  We were very kindly sent the full version to review here.

The book is a composit of Alison Bechdel’s cartoon strip ‘Dykes To Watch Out For’. It takes you from the early 90s through to 2008, which funnily enough is the exact same time span of my gay life (well of course I’m still living it J ). It was great to re-live the times in which I too came out and lived my life as a lesbian.

The illustrations are brilliant, hillarious and emotive, it’s a gorgeous book to lose yourself in.  There is a great introduction telling us how it all started, came about and also how Alison feels about the reaction to her work.

The book focusses on the life and loves of a group of friends living in America. The protagonist is called Mo and the constant theme of the book is Mo’s difficulties in having a relationship and then when she does have one, how she copes with it. All the usual issues of being a lesbian are discussed, parents and their reactions, children – should lesbians indeed have them etc. The book is great for its commentary on America during those years. Alison manages to intertwine the real and the imaginary really well. It’s a brilliant book, one of which I know I will dip in and out of it for years to come. I’m so pleased we stumbled upon it and can now share it with you guys!

Check out Alison’s great site here

The Essential Dykes To Watch Out For

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